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UIF , Provident or Retirement Fund, Medical Aid , Pay slips , Job Spec , Employment Contract or CCMA Advisory or Consultation for Home Employees

MAID4U Can assist you comply with the LRA, BCEA and the Sect 7 for Home Employees , according to the Act ,employers who employ Home Employees i.e Domestic Workers , Gardner’s, Au Pair , Small Office Cleaners etc. must register their employees for the prescribed Benefits such as UIF , Provident Fund , Medical Aid and any other related benefit.

We can assist you register your employee/s for any or all of these

• Unemployment Insurance Fund 
• Medical Aid designed for Home employee/s 
• Provident Fund or Retirement fund for Home Employees 
• COIDA for Office Cleaners 
• We can also assist you in compiling a Monthly BCEA Payslip , Work Schedule and Disciplinary Procedure Guidelines

Our Partners and Product Details

Home Employee – Provident Fund (Click on Image Below for Details of the Product) 

DomestiCare – Medical Aid (Click on image below to register on line ) 

Unemployment Insurance Fund (Click on Image Below for Details of the Service and the required Forms ) 

COID (Click on Image Below for Details of the Service and Required Forms ) 

Payslip Sample (Click on Image Below to View) 

Domestic Worker Employment Guideline (Click on Image Below to download or view )

More About Our Partners and Product Details

MAID4U has strategic partners to ensure that you comply with the law and also enjoy the peace of mind while we deal with all your HR and Compliance issues

All you need to is to complete our on line form, process a once off fee or R595.00, Select either Option A or Option B

Option A, Where the employee Salary is administered by the agency each month (Option A will attract a monthly Subscription Fee of R295.00 per employee and the benefits amount will ne calculated and invoiced to employer accordingly )

Option B, Where we just assist with the required services and activation of the required service and you then takes over from then on. (No other costs will be charged since the employer will administer the Employee/s Salary and pay for the benefits directly to the desired fund , we will provide the contact person within the fund and any other relevant detail)

Why use this service

• For peace of mind of knowing that you are fully compliant and will not be caught and penalized by the Labor Inspectors or suffer a loss due to CCMA Cases or claims by the employee. 
• We have been faced in the past with situations where employees behave in an unruly and unacceptable manner, however due to certain neglected aspects and terms of their contract they take their employer to court or CCMA and mostly win based on this. 
• Most employers do not understand the legalities in regards to Home employees such as Domestic Worker Employment; they also do not understand their own rights in this regard, we are here to help

We Offer experienced experts in Lab our Law and Continues advice in how to approach these sector correctly and adhere to the stipulated legislature. We offer :

• UIF Registration 
• Provident or Retirement Fund Registration 
• Medical Registration 
• Compiling of an employment Contract as per your specifications 
• Compiling of a Work Schedule or Time Sheet 
• Monthly compilation of the Pay Slip ( Should you subscribe with us ) 
• Monthly Pays Slips EASILY accessible on your Smart Phone or PC

Managing and prevention of:

• Incapacity 
• Absenteeism 
• Substance and Alcohol Abuse at work 
• Managing Poor Performance
• Conducting a Disciplinary Hearing or issuing out notices ( Verbal or written / When and How ) 
• Schedule 8 Code of Good Practice 
• Performance Assessments

For our Clients:

Do not have to deal with issues around employment of a Home employees, since this is outsourced to us ,Let us help you with :

• Legal Advice in this sector 
• Approach to the case 
• Accompanying the employer if need be (At a charge) 
• Assistance at the case 
• Consultation 
• Unfair Dismissal 
• Advices and Guidelines Fair Labour Practice 
• Advices and Guidelines on fair Retrenchment

We offer assistance in the following Forums:

1. CCMA 
2. Bargaining Councils 
3. Labour Court

Click here to Contact us

*Terms and conditions apply. Fees Differ as per the case presented, Consultative Hours Required and Venues .

MAID4U ensures adheres to the LRA, BCEA and works within the Sectorial Determination 7 specifications.

Our clients enjoys the peace of mind of knowing that we assist them comply with the above set Acts and assist them should an employee take them to the CCMA , We believe that prevention is better than cure and it’s important that all proper procedures and policies are adhered to when it comes to hiring a home employee .

We have partnered with the both the CCMA and Department of Labour through their training and Education Campaigns that is aimed at educating both employers and employees about their Rights and Responsibilities and the Duties of the CCMA.

We continue to share any Home employee Related information with our clientele and land a helping hand to them, should they need one . We do our best to protect our employers from unruly employees who sometimes take advantage of the goodness of their employers and at the same time assist the employees source good employment and be well equipped with knowledge and skills before entering the work place .

If you are in this sector as an employer or employee and require assistance from our Legal Team, do feel free to contact us on Subject Line Legal Assist or Contact the CCMA directly on 0861 16 16 16

MAID4U has a dedicated unit to assist employers who have already employed Home Employees independently, However need assistance with legal aspect and other related aspects .

We can assist you with below at only a once off fee of R595.00 ,In other cases where we adopt the Home Employee in our books , screen the employee to ensure the employee is legal and administer her employment , Ours is to ensure compliance in regards to

• UIF Registration 
• Provident or Retirement Fund Registration 
• Medical Registration 
• Compiling of an employment Contract as per your specifications 
• Compiling of a Work Schedule or Time Sheet 
• Monthly compilation of the Pay Slip ( If we adopt her in our database) 
• Monthly pays Slips via our partner FFW

Managing and prevention of:

• Incapacity 
• Absenteeism 
• Substance and Alcohol Abuse at work 
• Managing Poor Performance 
• Conducting a Disciplinary Hearing or issuing out notices ( Verbal or written / When and How ) 
• Schedule 8 Code of Good Practice 
• Performance Assessments

Do feel free to contact as , by sending an email, The subject line should be Legal so we can attend to it and give it the attention it requires.

You & your domestic Worker

Are you a domestic worker unsure of your rights? Or an employer or prospective employer wanting to clarify your obligations to your domestic worker? Minimum wages, working conditions, employment contracts … here's a quick guide to the so-called Domestic Workers Act (Sectoral Determination 7 of the Basic Conditions of Employment Act), plus all the links you need to find out more.

A large portion of the South African workforce – more than 1-million people, according to Statistics SA– is made up of domestic workers.

Maids or domestics are an integral facet of South African life, as is the "maids and madams" relationship so successfully satirised in the well-known cartoon, Madam and Eve. In the cartoon, the traditional power balance in the maid/madam relationship is turned upside down: Eve, the domestic worker, has her "madam" firmly under her thumb.

For years, domestic workers have been among the most exploited of all workers - labouring long hours for meagre pay, sometimes on the receiving end of abuse by their employers.

But significant steps have been taken to improve their situation, and they are now included under the Basic Conditions of Employment and Labour Relations Acts. This means a minimum wage has been set, specific working conditions have been laid down, and other measures have been put in place to regulate a previously unregulated industry. Steps are also being taken to train domestic workers and give them formal recognition for their skills.

To whom does the Domestic Workers Act apply?

To the estimated 1- to 1.5-million workers in the country who work as domestics, gardeners, childminders (including drivers of children) and those who look after the sick, aged or disabled in private homes. The legislation also covers domestic workers who work as independent contractors.

What is the Act all about?

In a special sectoral determination, the Basic Conditions of Employment Act sets out minimum wages for domestics and specifies working conditions such as hours of work, overtime pay, salary increases, deductions, annual and sick leave.

This legislation also lists the urban areas (classified as A Areas) where one minimum wage applies. A second minimum wage applies to domestic workers in non-urban areas (B Areas).

What is the minimum wage?

Domestic workers working in designated urban areas for more than 27 hours per week should receive R2545.22 a month, at an hourly rate of R13.05, Weekly rate R587.40

How many hours a day can a domestic worker be expected to be on duty?

According to the legislation, domestics should work no more than 45 hours a week, and should not work more than nine hours a day if they work a five-day week, or more than eight hours a day if they work for more than five days a week.

Domestics should work no more than 15 hours a week overtime, but never more than 12 hours on any one day. Overtime is at one-and-a-half times the normal wage (or the employee may agree to receive paid time off). They should also receive double pay on Sundays or public holidays.

What about accommodation?

Employers whose domestics live on the property may deduct 10% of their salary for accommodation, providing the accommodation complies with the minimum standards laid down in the legislation.

What happens when things go wrong?

An employer wishing to dismiss a worker must give a week of notice if the domestic has been employed for six months or less, and four weeks' notice if he or she has worked for more than six months.

Domestics are also entitled to severance pay of one week for each year of service, as well as four months' unpaid maternity leave.

The services of an employee may not be terminated unless a valid and fair reason exists and fair procedure is followed. This is outlined in the Labour Relations Act (Code of Good Practice, in Schedule 8).

Are domestic workers entitled to UIF?

If your domestic works for you for more than 24 hours a month, they must be registered with the Unemployment Insurance Fund. Let MAID4U activate and register for you

It is the employer's responsibility to register their domestic worker with the UIF, and to ensure payment is made. Monthly contributions are 2% of the worker's wage (split evenly between the employer and the employee).

Employers are advised to sign an employment contract with their domestic worker and are obliged to issue a regular pay slip.

• Contact MAID4U, , click on HR and Compliance Link we have a specialised assigned Legal Unit to assist you with registration , Pay slips and other legalities

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