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Full-Time Helpers

Highly trained helpers you can count on.
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We equip helpers with the necessary skills to thrive at their workplace
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Helper Documentation

UIF, Provident or Retirement Fund, Medical Aid, CCMA, Advisory and more...
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Professional helpers you can trust

Deep background checks

We screen all our candidates and ensure we obtain a detailed Police Report and previous employment references from all previous employers before putting them through our programs.

Highly trained

Our helpers are equiped with several housekeeping skills and have certificates for them. The higher the package, the more skills they have.

You will never be stranded again

On certain packages, you can get up to 6 Stand by replacement helpers during the contract period.


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Helpers apply to work for maid4u

Background checks

Our HR department performs multiple background checks on every potential helper that met our requirements in the sourcing stage.


Helpers that passed our checks will be taken in for training

Ready for work

Helpers that pass our training will be listed on the the system

+10 000 helpers placed!


Maid4U is a 7 Time award winning organization