Answer: Due to Covid19 Regulations and huge exposure of our candidates due to public transport usage , We make use of platforms such as Zoom or Microsoft Team or WhatsApp Call , We activate it for you and send you the interview guide but you welcome to ask any other questions you deem fit.
Answer: SAPS will charge you not sure how much , Kindly go to them to find out , Their waiting period is 4 weeks , Should we do it for you , You get it within 3 days via email or whatsapp.
Answer: Its compulsory for any applicant to either have some kind of work experience or attend our 6 day crash course so they get a Certificate and can then be placed
Answer: You are welcome to pay the Once off fee , This means you employ the helper directly and are responsible for registering her for UIF , Compile her BCEA Compliant payslip and be fully liable for all legal , CCMA or Labour Court claims